Salt – Lucinda’s first collection of poems and photographs
‘These are poems of searing emotional honesty that combine startling imagery with heartfelt passion.’
Aoife Mannix
‘It is rare that a poetry collection gets under the skin and haunts you, but Salt does exactly that. It combines poetry that is brave, naked and raw with startling images – sometimes macabre and sometimes delicate – of vulnerability and disempowerment. Together they tell a story of lost innocence; something that we all share, as the purity of our youth gets tarnished by life and bit by bit the years ravage us. Here there are poems about love and loss, abuse and healing, entrapment and freedom, fury and forgiveness, as savage as they are sensual. They speak of the people that break us and build us; what it is sometimes that keeps us clinging on to them – for good or bad – and what it also means when sometimes we find the courage, or are forced, to let them go. Inevitably, perhaps, there is an over-riding sense of loss threading through but these poems are not just about the struggle to deal with death, they are also about the struggle to somehow deal with life.
Taken complete, Salt is beautifully sad, but there is hope here, too, with poems that peel the skin of us away to reveal not only the dark and angry places within our soul but also – and most importantly – the glimmers of light that somehow keep us afloat.’
Jason Hewitt
BOOK REVIEW – East End Review, Oliver Zarandi




Lucinda performing her poetry at Jaw Dance